Christian Writing is Different from Others

Rev. Dr. Liberty at LAW’s Symposium

The Managing Director of Christian News, Alfred L.M. Gezaye, recently published the following article in the Christian News:

“The President and Founder of the Church of the Believers and Africa International Christian Mission, Inc. Boynton Beach, Florida has said in order to continue the Christian movement and worldview, Christians need to write.

“Rev. Dr. R. Zarwulugbo Liberty said Christian writing is different from other writing because writers in this area are writing about God who they have not seen.

“In this area of writing, you are writing about God. I am talking about God. I am talking about Jesus Christ. You never met Him, you have not seen Him, but yet you believe that He exists. How do you communicate this God to other people? And if you have communicated this God to other people and they accepted him, how do you influence them so that they will continue to carry out this mandate of preaching and teaching?” In order to do that, writing is very essential.”

“Dr. Liberty made the comments Saturday, July 21, 2018 at the program marking the 36th Anniversary of LAW and National Writers Symposium. This program was  organized by the Liberia Association of Writers (LAW) held at the main campus of the University of Liberia.

“The theme of the National Writers Symposium was “Strategic Writing for National Development.”

“The Minister of the Gospel spoke on the topic: “Christian Writing.”

“Rev. Dr. Liberty said there are major challenges in the area of Christian writing, which hinge much on the existing barricading culture in which the Christian writer lives. “If a person is writing something about men of the Bible or other persons, the thing that comes to mind is, ‘What is happening with the culture’?” he noted.

“In spite of the cultural obstacles to Christian writing, Dr. Liberty explained further, there are lots of good things in the culture today or even in time past. “But how to blend the good culture to that of Christianity?” he posted a rhetorical question to the audience. “These are the problems many Christian writers face today.”

“Rev. Liberty narrated his school life at an early stage, to drill his message further.

“When I was young back home, we were on a mission school. On this mission were some Western missionaries who thought, and sometimes said, anybody who wore a particular stripy African cloth was sinning, because the devil was also wearing such fabric. They had a good heart in doing that, but they were using the Christian message to westernize us at the time.”

“Rev. Liberty said such perception of these Western missionaries pushed him to write a book titled, “Growing Missionaries Biblically: A Fresh Look at Mission in an African Context.”

“He said his aim, through this book, was to teach Western missionaries to understand the African culture and to blend the good ones into Christianity.

“He said writing started with God and God wrote on a tablet and gave it to Moses.

“About the book, he explained: “I was able to deal with most of these problems that the Western missionaries are facing when they come to Africa. I dealt with those issues of how they can blend what the people have accepted to that of what we know as the Christian standard. That is a major area of thought.”

“He encouraged Christian writers and would-be Christian writers not to follow other writings that are not culturally prudent to Christianity.

“Other writers and intellectuals at the program were: Dr. Patricia Jabbeh-Wesley, Mae Azango, S. K. Duworko II, Otheinel Forle, Prof. J. Wil Mannie, and Madam Rita C. Pshor.”


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