Update: National Board Prayermeeting-Departure of Delegates, Part II

Early Monday morning, the delegates from the various counties, who participated in the prayermeeting, left Zarwulugbo Town to their respective churches. The delegates from Monrovia waited for the Bus that brought them. The driver promised to come on Monday night to take them on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, he did not come.   Pastor Gaye went to the nearby town and got a Pickup Truck. The truck took sixteen persons on Tuesday afternoon and they slept in Tappita. The team departed Tappita that morning, but the road to Ganta was very bad. Their car brokedown many times. They slept in the car as they arrived late in a town and no one could take them in. There is no motel or hotel in most towns except in major cities. Joyfully, they reached Monrovia on Thursday afternoon at the church where they sang songs of praises and prayed for their safe return. Everyone took their respective luggage and got in a taxi, motorbike, or Kekee and went home.

The Rev. Dr. Liberty left behind along with Sarah Zarwulugbo (his late brother, Abraham Zarwulugbo’s wife)., Pastor Prince Bantoe, and Rooseline Liberty (Dr. Liberty’s daughter). After some family discussions, Dr. Liberty and party departed Zarwulugbo Town on Friday afternoon riding motorbikes on an hour-drive-bad road because they couldn’t find any commercial vehicles during that weekend. They arrived in Tappita and spend the night at Richard Hills’ home. As we were making arrangements for a car, we were told that a big truck crashed and closed the main road heading to Monrovia. It brought in delay. Later, the truck was removed at 1:00pm. We chartered a car to reach us to Monrovia to participate in the Palm Sunday celebration. Unfortunately, after a thirty-minute from Tappta, we got stuck in that very deep mud with many cars. It took us about two hours to cross the area. But as the driver forced his way through, this affected the under carriers of his car. The shaft broke after another thirty minutes’ drive. It was around 6:00pm. Most of the cars have their own mechanics on the vehicle due to the deplorable condition of the road. The mechanic took a motorbike along with the broken shaft to a nearby town. He returned with the welded shaft by 7:30pm. He and the driver put the shaft back and we started again on our way. The car broke down  after two hours.  Since it was late and there was no way for the mechanic to fix what was broken, we slept in the car side the road. Imagine being in a smaller car packed and big trucks passing late in the night. No car could stop that late to help. While we were there, another car came and broke down near us and they slept about a half mile side the road from us, too. Please click the link below view the photos on our Facebook page:


Early in the morning, the mechanic fixed the problem, and we took off around 7:00am and reached Ganta at 1:30pm. This is the end of dusty and bad road. From Ganta to Monrovia is paved. However, we encountered more problems with the next car from Ganta to Gbarnga. The car was overheating and one of the front tires was completely smooth. For every thirty minutes drive, the driver would stop to put cold water. Worst of all, the car was not pulling—running 80 miles per minute was like one running 40 or 50 miles. When we got to Gbarnga, we took another bus. The bus was excellent; we enjoyed our ride from Gbarnga to Monrovia. Doing ministry in developing countries and more especially traveling in the hinterlands is very risky- keep us in your prayers.


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