Dr. LaTonya Turner McRae Speaks at Church of the Believers, Inc.

On Sunday, February 4, 2018, Dr. LaTonya from the United States of America (commonly known as Dekontee among the Bassa speaking group) spoke on the theme: “The Right Time” with the text taken from the Gospel of St. Luke 4:  16-21.  She is the Founder and Executive Director of the Tree of Life Ministries International.  Dr. LaTonya delivered the sermon during the first service, and she was indeed a great blessing to the congregation. Filled with the Holy Spirit, LaTonya said that the year 2018 is “The Right Time” for Church of the Believers and that God will abundantly bless the church in all her undertakings.

Dr. LaTonya McRae

Latonya McRae met Dr. Liberty while he was residing in the United States, and she expressed her ministry’s desire to establish the branch of her ministry in Liberia. Since this was her first time for cross-cultural ministry, Dr. Liberty provided cross-cultural training for her.  LaTonya came to Liberia in 2011 as a guest of Church of the Believers, and one of the National Board members, Alfred L. M. Gezaye, was appointed to work with her.

LaTonya had registered the Tree of Life Ministries International in Liberia, and she comes to Africa nearly every year.  She is constructing a mission house in Liberia, and Alfred Gezaye is now serving as the Executive Director of Tree of Life Ministries in Liberia.

Dekontee (LaTonya), our missionary, who arrived in Liberia on January 26th and conducted a 2-day Women Retreat, spoke powerfully during our first service.  Please keep her in your prayers as she heads on back to the United States  by next week.

Church of the Believers has many projects; please pray for:

  • The needs of Gbo Mission in Grand Gedeh County
  • Ceilings for the headquarters church in Monrovia
  • Six weeks intensive training and transportation and hosting for pastors within our denomination from various counties scheduled for March and May 2018


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