Making The Biblical Texts Meaningful To Life: Introduction

The long-awaited dream to train pastors and other church leaders in Africa was launched on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 10:30AM.  Making the Biblical Texts Meaningful to Life is a free biblical, theological and missiological training program to help equip pastors and other church leaders in Liberia to serve effectively in their respective ministries.

Dr. Liberty listening attentively to the comments of pastors during the lecture

In our introductory section, I assured the pastors that the Lord had trained me through other Christians who funded by education. And because God used others to educate me, in

Some pastors at the training

kind, I have decided to do likewise.  I told them that the late Dr, D. James Kenney (may his soul rest in peace), the founding pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and Knox Theological Seminary provided 75 percent of the cost of my training through his scholarship at Knox.

Objective:  To provide biblical, theological, missiological training for pastors and senior church leaders. It, also, serves as a continuing education for those with higher level degrees.

Purpose: There is a great need for Christ-like leaders and this program is intended to fill in the gap.  “My desire”, as I stressed the importance of this program, “is to equip believers for the work that God has called them to” [Eph. 4:11-13].

Overview: The program requires fifty minutes of lecture time per week, ten minutes break and thirty minutes of group discussion and presentation. Also, six hours of assignments per week. For those who would like to have a bachelor or master’s level tutoring will do extra work.

The first four Courses that are being offered are (1) Leaders’ Devotions, (2) Worship, (3) Servant Leadership, and (4) The Leader’s Time.

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The participating pastors expressed their joy for such of golden opportunity and promised to pray for me so that God would provide the needed funds to sustain the program.

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